Stay warm in Auckland using more than Heat Pumps

Winter is coming in fast, and along with it, comes more cold weather. Staying warm and cozy is the top priorities of families, and that is why I suggest you purchase a Heat Pump for the Auckland weather. They work great in the climate, because it rarely dips below zero degrees. That is good, because what heat pumps do is they take the air from outside the house, heat it up, and then redistribute it inside. If the air outside is too cold, then the pump will not work. That is why it is too cold for places like Chicago, where it dips below 10 degrees celcious on a regular basis during the winter, but great for Auckland.

There are other great ways to stay warm though. By using other methods, you will save on electricity. A good idea is to lessen how cold you get when you go outside, so that it takes less time for your core body temperature to heat up once you get back inside.

You can stay warm this winter by wearing the right clothing. When dressing for winter, it is important to dress in layers. Use thermal, tight-fitting clothing for your body, and you won’t have to wear heavy jackets. You can also wear clothing that is made out of feathers, as feathers are very light but are incredibly warm. These are called down jackets. Ducks and chickens use feathers to stay warm: it creates an insulated layer that is incredibly light. These are called down jackets. They are very easy to store and pack, as they fold down to virtually nothing.

Stay warm and cozy by eating the right food. If you boil some nice hot soup, that is a great way to rejuvinate after being outside in the cold. For soup, I would recommend delicious, hearty flavours such as potato and leek or chunky vegetable soups. Cook up some soup, and then sit under your heat pump. Instead of soup, you can make any other hot drink, such as hot chocolate, coffee or tea. If you are on a diet, herbal tea is a great treat.

It is important that we make sure to stay warm as the temperature in Auckland drops. Heat Pumps keep the house cozy, and wearing the right clothing ensures you get less cold outside. By staying warm, we will get less sick and our bodies will thank us. So remember: dress smart, and look after your family.

Are you a Babyboomer? 8 Ways to Spice Up Your Marriage

The babyboomer generation is suffering from a pandemic: divorce. The divorce rate for people in their 40′s and 50′s continues to skyrocket, and numerous studies show that over 50% of people who have been married for 20 years or more are dissatisfied with their marriage. While this may sound quite shocking, I am not surprised. Be honest: how much time do you really put into spicing up your marriage?

You have probably read articles like this before, and found them frustrating. The cliched advice of “spend more meaningful time with your spouse” is hardly relevant to you, a grown adult with teenage children – you don’t have time nor the money to go on romantic weekend getaways. And all of those tips about spicing up your sex life? Well. The kids have certainly taken their toll on your body. There is a reason those whips and stilettos you used to love are now gathering dust in the closet. It’s all fun and games, until somebody loses an eye. Or something much worse.

That is why today, I am going to give you 8 easy ways for babyboomers to spice up their marriages, without breaking a rib – or the bank.

Tip 1: Leave a note in your spouses lunchbox. This is cheap, and quick to do. Surprise is the key ingredient to spice: and your husband/wife will not be expecting a love note with their sandwiches.

Tip 2: Have a family calendar, and learn your kid’s schedules. Who knows: they might all be busy one night spending time with their friends, leaving you and your spouse some free time to reconnect, without having to send them to a movie.

Tip 3: Give your spouse a foot massage, while watching TV. They might like it so much, that they even turn it off!

Tip 4: Ask your spouse about their day – and actually listen. It doesn’t need to be a long conversation, but a small 10 minute discussion each day after work to find out what has been happening in their lives will make them feel loved and appreciated.

Tip 5: Kiss your husband/wife goodbye each morning.

Tip 6: Try and make the bedroom a place where you only sleep, or have sex. Using it for reading and work will distract you.

Tip 7: Help out around the house! Even if your spouse will pick up your clothes for you, don’t let it get to that point, otherwise they will feel unappreciated.

Tip 8: Sit down, and talk to your spouse! Ask them if there is anything they want. Unfortunately, for too many couples, they become so distant, that they forget to communicate. Earlier, I said that the element of surprise is the key to spice. If you and your spouse have stopped talking about your feelings, then they will find being asked about it surprising!

Marriage is wonderful: but it is easy for it to become stale. Follow my tips, and reconnect with your spouse – you won’t regret it.